Our Story

As a silicone manufacturer for 15 years, we founded The Silife365 with one simple goal : Work towards great design and innovation with new silicone products specifically designed to meet needs of today’s Eco-awareness and health conscious consumers.

Silicone has many useful characteristics that have made it a desirable material for different applications. Such as highly resistant to damage and degradation from extreme temperatures,non-toxic and odorless – contains no BPA, latex, lead, or phthalates,neutral, low chemical reactivity,and it is durable and environmental friendly.

Global Silicones Council has more than 1,000 studies over many decades have been conducted to assess the safety of silicones, confirmed silicones’ safety both for human health and the environment. 

Increasing public awareness of ocean plastic pollution drives consumers to find a more sustainable and ocean-friendly than plastic. That’s why more customers come to us for silicone products.

Every year, we dump around eight million tonnes of plastic into the sea.Statistic show that the world sips through 1 billion straws a day, US get through more than 500 million plastic drinking straws every 24 hours.

It is predicted that, by the year 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean. And now it is 2020. Stand up for nature and make a difference for our most critical lands and waters today.

Our Next Step

Keep working on design and development of ergonomic and functional silicone products in Kitchen Tools & Gadgets. Focus on premium items that will get you satisfied and excited.

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